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H1 Hummer Builds

H1 Hummers

Veteran owned business helping veterans get back to work. With our h1 hummer builds we hire and work with veterans that want to be a part of something. David pyland, one of awesome mechanics is also veteran. He is our primary builder on this h1.

Have you ever wanted the chance to own an Original Military H1 Hummer? Or, one with modifications, updates, and a warranty? Well here is your chance. We customize and build to your specifications. We can install lifts, tires, racks, winches, hard tops, solid doors, and much much more. The limit is only in your imagination. If you’re wondering if these are new trucks, they are service- retired, low mileage military H1 Hummers that we clean, service and update upon on your order.

Town Center Automotive has over 50 years’ combined experience working, repairing, servicing and modifying Military H1 Hummers. This now includes lifetime protection plan through BG Products. Prior to every sale, we service all the vehicles that we receive with a complete BG Products program. From the diesel engine to the transmission and many more points of coverage. This will cover any repair from $6000 (Engine only) to $4,000 (all other repairs). From the water pump to the injectors. Check out www.BGprod.comto see what I am talking about.

We believe in helping our customers feel safe with truth and transparency, clear and concise communication, which includes our updated technology. This means you will always have a shop to work on and service your H1.
Here at Town Center Automotive, we pride our selves in being a Veteran Owned and Operated company. We started building H1’s because we have a superfluous amount of knowledge and experience working on these vehicles, in combat, garrison, and in the civilian world. As a retired combat veteran, I want to give back to my fellow service men and woman. We look to hire veterans first for these project builds. We are part of a program right now called VA Vocational Rehabilitation. This program allows us to give back to soldiers. To assist them with training and opportunities for continued success. At TCA our motto is;” Be the shop that instills trust and transparency with everything we do.”

If you would like to hear more about what we can for you, please go to our website or call us at 503-770-8787, and of course, we always encourage our customers to come down to our comfortable shop and see what we have to offer. The coffee is on us!

Here is more information about our BG Products and Services that we provide:
The BG Diesel Engine Services are backed by BG Forever Diesel®. Click here for complete details. A lifetime of security for diesel owners!

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