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Kia Timing Belt Service

It’s imperative that your Kia's timing belt (or chain) is kept intact and maintained in order to prevent any slippage or damage that may seriously harm your Kia's engine.  If the timing belt/chain in your Kia's engine fails, it could cause extreme issues for your Kia's valve train.  Signs that your Kia's timing belt/chain is failing can include hard starts (with the engine hot or cold), an excessive amount of dark grey exhaust coming from the tailpipe, split/frayed belt edges, and more.  If you’re concerned about the condition of your Kia's timing belt/chain, don’t wait; call for Town Center Automotive.

Maintain & Protect Your Investment

At Town Center Automotive, our team of professionals has the experience and qualifications needed to perform any Kia timing belt/chain service required.  Our experts take time to diagnose your Kia with our state of the art tools and practices, and communicate with you to offer cost-effective and optimal solutions and services, before performing the replacement/repair swiftly and efficiently. During diagnostics, any other additional problems found will also be brought to light, and can be solved by our team of experts.  If you’re searching for timing belt/chain service, get in touch with Town Center Automotive today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Timing Belt service

Bring your Kia to Town Center Automotive, located in Portland, OR, to have one of our staff members take a look at it today. We'll use modern tools to diagnose what may be wrong, and we'll give you an overview of the type of auto repair that may be required to remedy any problems.

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