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“What are air filters?  What do they do for my vehicle?”  Let us explain; air filters take to a multitude of crucial tasks throughout your vehicle in the grand scheme of your Volvo’s performance and lifespan.  When your Volvo is running, the air rushing through the engine needs to stay as clean as possible to avoid the narrow passageways getting clogged and dirtied by various debris that can find its way into the intake.  The way these passageways are kept clean is through air filters placed in several areas around your Volvo’s engine, installed in strategic places to effectively catch any debris from the most vulnerable areas of your Volvo’s engine.  However, filters can wear out and need to be replaced.  Luckily, Town Center Automotive is here to assist you in just that.

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Town Center Automotive has been working with a variety of filter replacements for years, and air filters for a Volvo are no exception.  Our team of experienced technicians will work out what your Volvo’s filter change intervals look like, and schedule a replacement appointment based on that timeframe.  The filter change interval is based on both time allotted since the last change, and your Volvo’s mileage.  Once the time for your appointment has come, it’s a simple change that can be done very swiftly- getting you and your Volvo back on the road in no time.  Get in touch with Town Center Automotive today for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

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