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Radiators are an important component to a Volvo’s overall performance and reliability.  When your Volvo’s radiator malfunctions, the overall cooling system of your Volvo will suffer, and will result in the engine reaching harmful temperatures. Radiator setups in your Volvo run coolant through a numerous amount of tubes working together to prevent the fluid from heating up.  Heat sinks will then aid in cooling down the Volvo’s engine while the coolant appropriately feeds through the radiator’s tubes.  If your Volvo’s temperatures are irregularly high, get in touch with Town Center Automotive.  We have the team and tools to assist you in a swift manner.

Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road

Here at Town Center Automotive, we have the professionally trained team to handle your Volvo’s radiator with respect and grace.  Our technicians start by thoroughly diagnosing the Volvo’s radiator to pinpoint the root of the problem, before recommending any sort of repairs or replacements that may be necessary.  After our team works with you to figure out the best course of action, we use our state of the art equipment and tools to make any repairs, maintenance, or replacements necessary.  When you bring your Volvo to us, we’re sure to do right by you and your vehicle.  Get in contact with Town Center Automotive today if you have any questions, and if you’d like to schedule an appointment.


Bring your Volvo to Town Center Automotive, located at Portland 162nd and Halsey, to have one of our staff members take a look at it today. We'll use modern tools to diagnose what may be wrong, and we'll give you an overview of the type of auto repair that may be required to remedy any problems.

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