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The engine in your Volvo uses a multitude of parts, all connected to one another, to provide a spark and send fuel and airflow to the Volvo’s engine.  If the parts controlling the machinery wear down and struggle to perform these tasks, the engine in your Volvo won’t be able to perform the combustion cycle necessary.  Ensuring your Volvo’s engine obtains the spark, fuel and air required to complete the combustion cycle is imperative to the performance and reliability of your Volvo.  That’s why the expert team at Town Center Automotive is here. We’re determined to help you and keep your Volvo in the best shape possible.

Invest In Your Vehicle

Our tune up service at Town Center Automotive is a solid investment in the long-term health of your Volvo.  When you reach out to us, our professional technicians will take the time to properly inspect your Volvo, and use state of the art tools to ensure it’s running as it should.  And if we stumble on a problem, we’ll get in contact with you immediately and help you make an informed, proper decision over your repair options.  We’re here to help you keep your Volvo healthy with our reliable tune up service.  Get in touch with Town Center Automotive today for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

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Bring your Volvo to Town Center Automotive, located at Portland 162nd and Halsey, to have one of our staff members take a look at it today. We'll use modern tools to diagnose what may be wrong, and we'll give you an overview of the type of auto repair that may be required to remedy any problems.

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