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Emissions Test Repairs

Statistics show that roughly 7% of vehicles fail the DEQ test every year.  Some of the causes for these failures can range from catalytic converters clogged with carbon, to oxygen sensors malfunctioning, to even leaking lines and valves.  If your vehicle has any one of these problems, it could fail the DEQ test. Furthermore, if you hesitate to fix any emission problems your vehicle may have, it could cost you a fortune in repairs later on.  It could even go as far as to prevent you from obtaining new tags for your vehicle, resulting in the loss of the ability to drive as a whole.


When it comes down to your vehicle, scheduled maintenance and repairs are crucial in preserving its lifespan.  So if your vehicle failed the emissions test, you can count on Town Center Automotive to get it in perfect shape.  Our expert team specializes in repairing emission problems with vehicles.


We’ll diagnose the issue, or multiple issues, that your vehicle is having that prevents it from passing the emissions test and make all necessary repairs to get your vehicle the pass, so that you can legally get back on the road.  If you’re struggling with the failure of an emissions test, call Town Center Automotive today and we’ll get your vehicle back in qualified shape.

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