DEQ Too Service

DEQ Too Services

Town Center Automotive offers DEQ Too services along with our regular services available.  Renewing your tags, getting a DEQ Emmissions check; you name it, we can do it.  Town Center Automotive is an authorized business participant in the DEQ Too program. We charge $5 for the DEQ Too Service fee, and $25 for the service. We provide DEQ Too Services at all of our locations!

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After we send the data to DEQ, you'll immediately be able to see your vehicle's pass/fail determination at by clicking "Check Results" and entering your VIN or license plate number.  Upon your vehicle passing, you can get your registration renewed online with the DMV.  You could see your stickers arrive in the mail in as little as 3 business days!


Learn more about how to use the DEQ Too online service method by clicking here.

NOTE: Vehicles under 2005 are ineligible for DEQ Too. Vehicle registration cannot be over 365 days past expiration date. 
Call for more details: 503-770-8787 or go to for more information about the program.
*If your vehicle does not pass DEQ, we will not charge you the Device-Usage Fee.  

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