Diesel Glow Plug Replacements

Diesel Glow Plug Replacements

Glow plugs are pencil-shaped objects that assist in starting your diesel engine.  Predominantly, they act as diesel engines’ equivalent to spark plugs, known to be found in gasoline engines.  Contrasting spark plugs, glow plugs use heat to start up the engine. Without a properly working glow plug, it will be difficult to ignite fuel in the combustion chamber of a diesel engine.  Glow plugs can also wear out over time, and will need to be replaced. Defective glow plugs may also fail to ignite fuel in the engine, which can cause unwanted smoke emissions and idling.

If you find your glow plugs malfunctioning, take your vehicle to us, and our expert team will replace any faulty glow plugs in your vehicle.  Some signs of a defective glow plug can include rough idling, hard starting, white smoke, or even a misfiring engine. If these symptoms come to light, let our team take a look at your glow plugs and replace what need be.  Our expert staff is equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment for the job, and we’re more than happy to assist.



Diesel engines are built to last a long time.  However, diesel engines come with their own set of challenges, which makes it critically important that you maintain the engine properly.


Diesel engines get very hot due to the compression process that ignites the fuel. Furthermore, diesel engines use glow plugs, rather than spark plugs that you find in non-diesel engines. Glow plugs also heat up rapidly to get the diesel engine working faster.


This just means you need to make sure your diesel engine is working at it's top efficiency so you get great gas mileage.  A poorly maintained diesel engine will burn more fuel, and likely not last as long.

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BG Diesel Fuel System Service


  • Removes deposits from the fuel injectors
  • Cleans soot-black deposits from fuel filter
  • Prevents component corrosion
  • Cleans stubborn oil deposits


  • Restored fuel economy
  • Improved power and performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved accelerator response

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