Diesel Turbocharger Repairs

in Milwaukie, OR

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If your turbocharger is showcasing odd behavior, we recommend bringing it in for repair.  Some signs your turbocharger may need to be checked include the smell of oil burning, excessive smoke, a significant decrease in power, and a whining sound that can grow louder at boost.  A turbocharger can also be at risk when there’s a considerable lack of lubrication, due to improper lubrication leading to carbon buildup.

If you notice any of these symptoms (or suspect any problems), call us today.  Our team here at Town Center Auto is equipped with the tools necessary to repair your turbocharger, to get it back to perfect condition.  We’ll inspect its components carefully, discover the problem, and finish the job in no time flat to get you back on track with a turbocharger in tip-top shape.

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BG Diesel Fuel System Service


  • Removes deposits from the fuel injectors
  • Cleans soot-black deposits from fuel filter
  • Prevents component corrosion
  • Cleans stubborn oil deposits


  • Restored fuel economy
  • Improved power and performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved accelerator response