Fass Fuel Systems

Certified 'FASS' Fuel System Dealer

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle with a FASS pump system, or any other FASS service, Town Center Automotive is the auto shop to trust with your upgrade.  From fuel pumps to air separation systems, we’re proud to service and upgrade your vehicle with your desired FASS system.


What is FASS?


FASS is an acronym for “Fuel Air Separation System”.  FASS is a combination of fuel filtration systems, and diesel fuel lift pumps, and is designed to further improve your diesel truck’s engine performance and extend your diesel injection system’s lifespan- as well as increase your fuel mileage.  FASS’ fuel pumps and fuel filters are made right here in America, to provide 100% customer satisfaction. No matter what vehicle you drive, or how you power your life, FASS’ fuel systems allow for the cleanest fuel you can find, extending the life of your precious truck.  


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