Ford Transit Service

in Milwaukie, OR



Ford Transits are essential for transferring cargo in today’s day and age.  They provide the incredible reliability and durability that Ford is known for to allow for easy transportation, loading, and storage, all with excellent gas mileage.  These powerhouses require proper maintenance and repairs to perform at their absolute best. And when your work vehicle bogs down, so does your business. Because Ford Transits are designed for reliable performance and durability among all other things, they tend to run into more unique issues than other vehicles.  But with Town Center Automotive on your side, with the latest state-of-the-art vehicle specific tools and diagnostics software, we can fix it no matter the problem.

At Town Center Automotive, we use state-of-the-art methods and technology for diagnostics to discover the root cause of our clients’ Ford Transit’s issues and offer cost-effective solutions to them for a reliable service. If your Ford Transit isn’t performing at its best and is affecting you and your business, get in contact with our professional team of technicians at Town Center Automotive today.


  • Ford Transit engine diagnostics
  • Ford Transit Service Engine light issues
  • Ford Transit engine repairs
  • Ford Transit fuel injection
  • Ford Transit performance and gas mileage improvement
  • Ford Transit clutch repairs
  • Ford Transit timing belt replacement
  • Ford Transit service & maintenance
  • Ford Transit brake repairs
  • Ford Transit suspension repairs

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