Heavy Duty
Vehicle Servicing

We Know Heavy Duty Vehicles

Your heavy vehicles are your livelihood. We know you can’t afford to have your work truck down for long – every day your truck is down is money out of your pocket. At Town Center Automotive, our specialists can service heavy gas and diesel engines, and manual and automatic transmissions. Whether you have one work vehicle or an entire fleet, we are ready to get your work vehicles back on the job.

Regular Servicing

We know what you need to keep your working vehicles in the best working order. You can rely on us for your regularly scheduled maintenance. Come in for an oil change or a yearly inspection, and let us set up a customized regular maintenance schedule for you.


You will need an annual safety inspection, and if your truck is above a certain gross vehicle weight, you will also need the annual DOT inspection. This will cover brakes, tires and rotations, fluid levels, and any other worn components of your vehicle. If you need replacement parts, we will source them for you at the best price we can find. 

heavy duty trucks

Oil Changes

Check your vehicle’s service manual for the recommended space between oil changes for your vehicle. Whether you come in every 5,000 miles or every 20,000 miles, we'll be ready to serve you.


Sometimes it’s time for major repairs. If you’ve come close to the lifetime of your engine or transmission, it might be time for more than a tune-up. Major teardowns or rebuilds will require advance scheduling to ensure that we can give your vehicle our full attention.

Emergency Servicing

At Town Center Automotive, we are ready to help your vehicle or fleet at any time. We know how important it is to you to have your vehicles in service, so you can get on with your own business. When emergencies happen, we will get your vehicle in for repairs as quickly as possible. We will source parts at the best prices we can find, and perform quality bodywork as necessary.

At Town Center Automotive, we want to serve you and your vehicles with whatever you need. Whether you simply need an oil change, or have extensive repair and maintenance needs, we are here for you. Come in for a service appointment at either of our locations, or give us a call at (503) 770-8787 in Clackamas and (503) 252-9577 in Portland.

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30x90 Lifetime BG Protection Plan Banner

BG Lifetime Protection Plan

BG Transmission Service

BG Transmission Service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® if the initial service is performed within 100,000 miles. To maintain coverage, get a BG Transmission Service every 30,000 miles.


  • Dissolves and suspends deposits
  • Rids all old fluid and suspended debris
  • Installs new automatic transmission fluid
  • Fortifies new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers


  • No deposit formation
  • Restored transmission performance
  • Longer transmission life

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