Rebuild and Replace Engines

in Milwaukie, OR

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Our team at Town Center Automotive knows it can be a difficult decision when choosing between rebuilding your engine, or replacing your engine. The first questions that pop into mind tend to be “how much will a replacement cost?”, “how long will the process take?”, and “is replacing more effective than rebuilding my engine?”  All of these great questions (and more) can be answered by our certified auto engine repair and replacement team at Town Center Automotive. It’s highly probable that rebuilding your engine can save you more money, compared to replacing the engine entirely, all of which is highly dependent on the problem itself and the overall cost of the parts needed to fix the issue.  Situationally, you could save up to half of what you would spent on replacing your engine, by rebuilding your engine instead. When it comes to making the choice between the two options, you can trust that we’ll offer the most cost effective solution available.

If the engine isn’t worth rebuilding, replacing the engine could be the optimal solution. Engine replacement will add more years to the lifespan of your vehicle, and transform your situation from problematic, to reliable.  Engine replacement can also be more cost effective when it comes to smaller repairs that would’ve been necessary in the process, hoses, coolant, belts, filters, etc. Our team’s top priority is to provide the best solutions available, to get your vehicle back on track in perfect condition.

Engine Rebuild or Engine Replacement; regardless of what option you choose, Town Center Automotive is here to get the job done right.

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BG Diesel Fuel System Service


  • Removes deposits from the fuel injectors
  • Cleans soot-black deposits from fuel filter
  • Prevents component corrosion
  • Cleans stubborn oil deposits


  • Restored fuel economy
  • Improved power and performance
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved accelerator response