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The right auto repair shop can do what it takes to help your vehicle stand up to regular wear and tear. At Town Center Automotive, we take our responsibilities seriously, and we'll concentrate on fixing your vehicle. We know that our clients in Portland rely on their cars, trucks, and SUVs to get them around town efficiently, and that's why we'll start working for you as quickly as we can.


Our technicians are highly trained, and they have experience working with a variety of makes and models. We always work with precision, and our management team keeps a close eye on all of the vehicles that are brought to our shop. We'll strive to meet all of your expectations regarding our service.

Bring your vehicle to Town Center Automotive, located in Portland, OR, to have one of our staff members take a look at it today. We'll use modern tools to diagnose what may be wrong, and we'll give you an overview of the type of auto repair that may be required to remedy any problems.

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BG Lifetime Protection Plan

BG Power Steering Service

BG Power Steering Service is backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® if the initial service is performed within 100,000 miles. To maintain coverage, get a BG Power Steering Service every 30,000 miles!


  • Replaces degraded power steering fluid
  • Dissolves power steering deposits
  • Softens and conditions brittle seals
  • Removes accumulated contaminants


  • Eliminated steering squeal
  • Corrected jerky or hard steering
  • Long component life

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